All intelligent life we know
Is here on planet Earth.
Of all the plants and animals
Everything here has been here from birth.

But what if someone else is out there
Beyond the bright blue sky?
Would they dare to contact us?
If not, then I ask “Why?”

If they do have the ability to
Then there’d be no reason to fear.
I just hope people wouldn’t point and stare
And their children to not call them ‘weird.’

How similar would they be to us?
How different would they seem?
Like all our ecosystems here
Would they rely on solar beams?

Would they have us in their crosshairs?
Or would they come here bearing gifts?
Would they fry our whole world then?
Or would they invite us for a trip?

When they come, would we still be here?
Or would we be reduced to bones?
But for right now I’m wondering
Whether or not we are alone.


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