Green, Hard and Sweet

So during English class today, we were supposed to write a poem about our favorite candy. The best part is, we were actually allowed to eat the candy while doing it. So here is my output (Yeah, it’s ridiculous.):

Green, Hard and Sweet, by Elijah2200

Watermelon-flavored rock hard cylinders
Eating you always makes all speech terse
I can spot you with a single glance
A single piece has me entranced
Hard, red interior, hard green shell
With an overwhelming, cloying smell
Mild, sharp sweetness and decadent taste
Two reasons why I eat with haste
And when I eat you (tastes so good)
It wipes away life’s dark hood
When you’re gone, all I do is fret
That you didn’t last longer, I’d regret.

Now I’m down to five last pieces
From the store, your friend now teases.


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