Explode Lyrics : Chorus

Last Wednesday was my birthday. Due to me still having been swamped with homework (and the celebration ^^), I wasn’t able to post anything. So now I’ll be posting the things I intended to, starting with a few lines from a song I’m writing:


Everyone had better run

‘Cause I’m burning like the sun


The end will always be the same

I’ll be the one to win this game!


Time to show ’em what I’m made of

That none of the stories were ever made up


I’m in plain sight; everyone can see

That I’m the best that anyone could be!

I’m writing theme songs for a RWBY-inspired thing my friends and I are doing. Obviously, this is isn’t the entire thing, but I’ll be writing the rest later on. And posting the music here, when I finally compose it all.


Green, Hard and Sweet

So during English class today, we were supposed to write a poem about our favorite candy. The best part is, we were actually allowed to eat the candy while doing it. So here is my output (Yeah, it’s ridiculous.):

Green, Hard and Sweet, by Elijah2200

Watermelon-flavored rock hard cylinders
Eating you always makes all speech terse
I can spot you with a single glance
A single piece has me entranced
Hard, red interior, hard green shell
With an overwhelming, cloying smell
Mild, sharp sweetness and decadent taste
Two reasons why I eat with haste
And when I eat you (tastes so good)
It wipes away life’s dark hood
When you’re gone, all I do is fret
That you didn’t last longer, I’d regret.

Now I’m down to five last pieces
From the store, your friend now teases.


All intelligent life we know
Is here on planet Earth.
Of all the plants and animals
Everything here has been here from birth.

But what if someone else is out there
Beyond the bright blue sky?
Would they dare to contact us?
If not, then I ask “Why?”

If they do have the ability to
Then there’d be no reason to fear.
I just hope people wouldn’t point and stare
And their children to not call them ‘weird.’

How similar would they be to us?
How different would they seem?
Like all our ecosystems here
Would they rely on solar beams?

Would they have us in their crosshairs?
Or would they come here bearing gifts?
Would they fry our whole world then?
Or would they invite us for a trip?

When they come, would we still be here?
Or would we be reduced to bones?
But for right now I’m wondering
Whether or not we are alone.