Studying for Exams


Studying for Exams

Seriously, I have no idea.



I did some things! I hope they frontpage on 9Gag.

Achievement Unlocked: Graduate From Grade School

So… yeah. I graduated yesterday. I would’ve posted something about it earlier, but my family and I went to a buffet with my best friend (the valedictorian) and we stayed there for a few hours. Here’s how the ceremony went down:
Mar.16: Baccalaureate Mass (whoa, I spelled that right first try)
We entered the gymnasium, mass, some awards, then we went home. Not too much for me to say.
Mar.17 Actual Grad Ceremony
Entered same gymnasium, some awards (where I got my only medal, one in conduct), then the grad song. Choreographed to perfection, the lights go off (with everybody who’s not graduating thinking there’s a power outage) switched our regular electronic candles then switched on our color-shifting candles. It was a glorious lightshow of absolute awesome. Actually, the grad song was the only thing I was looking forward to. And summer break. Everybody loves some summer break.
So… that’s it. I might come up with a new comic tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll procrastinate on Minecraft all day. See you then.